Men at Work, Men at Rest

In my opinion, a feminine woman rests naturally, even in her work she rests, and accomplishes even arduous tasks requiring time and patience, because she trusts in the life force that dwells within and around her.

This is why a distressed woman, frantic, harried, stressed, or anxious, required compassion to be around and interact with. She is not in her feminine comfort, for whatever reason, and thus she is uneasy.

An resting feminine woman who is at ease, exudes energy and embodies the secret, thrilling, mystery of Life and creation even when she is doing something as simple as putting away groceries. A woman’s resting energy is palpable, sweet, and firm.

Men on the other hand…

And when I speak on men I do it from a woman’s perspective, my own perspective. Please bear this in mind.

Men at rest truly are at rest, because men at work are – or ought to be – machines of production. A man realizes that his creations must come from the sweat and blood of his very physical nature, and any fruit that his hands bring forth must come from direct, toiled labor, in whatever form he may choose.

A man at work , therefore, exudes a paradoxical type of peace because he innately feels that he is in his best masculinity. He is at peace while at work because it is through his work that he feels affirmed and validated in his faith in himself.

Men without work, or purpose, are unable to enjoy the fullness of being a man. Therefore a man at work , with purpose, feels aglow with the intensely masculine style of creation that comes from purpose-driven action.

A man at rest, then, can only be at rest when he is basking in the knowledge and pride of a hard day’s work, and a job well done. He feels pleasantly exhausted and spent, and can turn to his lover, who has been at rest in her own feminine grace, and can easily provide all the energy he requires.

It is in this beautifully harmonious balance between male and female energy that is the foundation for all of life on Earth. The balance depends on living, breathing, active, and passionate people to reach that equilibrium.

Thanks for reading! Till next time,


P.S. How do you and your loved ones balance the masculine and feminine energies of/in work and rest? Do you feel an imbalance, and if so in what area? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.





One thought on “Men at Work, Men at Rest

  1. I wish we could have discussed this topic in person. That said, I believe you have nailed it. For me, I think I have a masculine/feminine balance in my. It allows me to morph from work to rest in interesting ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective. Chris


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