I <3 NYC

Good morning, lovely people! I checked my email this morning and saw that the original flight I booked to New York City departs tomorrow, August 1. I feel so grateful and happy now because I decided to come here a full two months ahead of my original plan.

Sometimes when life says,”Ready? Set?” all a person can do is say, “Go!” and just do it.

What I’ve discovered in New York so far, is more than I can describe in words. The resiliency of the people here is admirable, and with so many people living so close together (a strange concept to Texans) it is nothing short of a miracle that people can still get along. Of course, there has been a rise in violent crimes here, but times are hard for certain people. I do my best to stay safe and make it a point to see the good in everyone I meet.

I am exploring Manhattan bit by bit, feeling alive in the knowledge that I can explore this place for years to come and still have more to learn. The thought makes me excited!

My apartment is feeling more and more like home. Thank you to all the lovely people who helped me by sending me Amazon gift cards and purchasing things from my wish list. I feel the generosity of you all.

It’s a good time to trust in the goodwill and kindness of strangers. What else is there to do? Now is not the time to shut myself off and hide from the unknown. Rather, I am opening my heart wider than I thought possible and embracing the love I’ve found here.

Like a sunflower reaching toward the bright rays, I am growing and feeling more in tune with my soul’s joy. It is good to be alive, and a gift to have my health and to be present in each moment.

It’s been a challenge adjusting my rates and finding a balance between what I need to survive here, and what I feel comfortable receiving for my time. I no longer offer overnights due to personal reasons, but it still warms my heart to spend smaller amounts of time with new friends.

I’ve always seen cities as living, breathing entities. New York grabbed my heart from across the country, and when I came here in April 2019 for the first time, I knew I was home. A little over a year later, I am so thankful and feel blessed because I am putting down roots here. The soil is fertile, the sunshine is bright, and there is plenty of rain.

Until next time,


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