Re-Decorating and Reflecting <3

What is your favorite season? I find that the spring is special because it’s a transitional season, and therefore it is full of change. It’s now mid-March and I’ve been in New York for nine months. I can hardly believe how much my life has changed, and how much more self-aware I’ve become since I moved.

You see when I moved here, I brought no furniture, appliances, or even a pillow. Thanks to the generous help of some of my friends who sent me gifts and helped me acquire necessities like a coffee table and dishes, I was able to make this little studio into a cozy home.

But it’s time now to spruce things up a little bit. For example, my bed frame which I assembled by myself is not looking so good. I feel sturdy enough when I sleep in the bed, but I can see that I did a terrible job of assembling the frame and it could break at any moment. This is not good.

So a new bed frame plus the cost of assembly (which is going to be well worth it, to me) is the first part of my spring re-decorating. I can’t wait to expand on the wonderful beginnings and make my space into a more welcoming, pretty little place.

Before I go, I wanted to say thank you to my generous friends who not only allow me to spend exciting and romantic and sexy moments with you, but because you also bring a masculine support to my life. I can honestly say I would not be so happy without your support and love. <333



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