Why Spring is Sexy

Hi from a beautiful first day of spring! I’m certainly glad I am in manhattan, although I miss the Bluebonnett’s of Texas countryside. It’s lucky that I get to compare the two and experience such different landscapes and seasons.

It’s exciting to see the bare toes, legs, and arms beginning to peek out. After a cold winter, seeing skin again and feeling the warmth of the sun is irresistible and it’s hard for anyone to be in a bad mood for long.

It’s like spring awakens the lust for life that lies in every person’s heart. The lengthening days and warmer evenings also reminds us that we can have the energy to accomplish things that we want to do this year.

What does the “new year” of springtime inspire you to do? What ideas will you bring into the world this summer and by fall, collect what type of harvest?

These are ideas that can get anyone excited and riled up;) I guess that’s what I find spring to be a sexy season!

Have a blossoming and lovely day, xoxo.


Uma Thurman or Tom Cruise?

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