What Makes Fantasies So Special?

In our fast-paced society, people often make the time to build great lives and it can take a lot of effort. This is why responsibly indulging in fantasies is a great way to keep the imagination fresh. Fantasies and a healthy world of play and pleasure shows us the variety of life, and makes everything sweeter.

Me relaxing

Fantasy worlds are not uncommon. Sports for example, Or video games. But thrilling sensual fantasies are an often undervalued. Like, it’s about experiencing the rush and butterflies and that indescribable element.

I believe it is healthy to spend a little time, every now and again, to indulge in fantasy.

Some people spurn any attempt at fantasy, writing it off as a frivolous waste of time.

Others stick to the Real World 24/7. They worry that making time for temptations can be a slippery slope.

For the faint of heart or weak of mind, fantasies and imaginary worlds can indeed be dangerous.

But the ability to suspend disbelief and truly lose one’s self, that is to live in the moment, takes courage and strength and even skill.

I feel that individuals possessed of this skill can truly have it all, because they know that thin line between fantasy and reality and they can flirt with that line. These lucky individuals are rare men: He can bask in the glory of what he built or accomplished , but he can confidently also make time to detach from the harshness of reality.

Thanks for reading my thoughts in this 🙂 in closing, I just want to say I encourage you to make time for temptations and trust that everything that is meant to work out for you, is going to work out well. 😉



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