Sex & Springtime in the City

The birds in the trees do it, dogs do it, cats do it, even the little bees do it!

Enjoy springtime that is 😙 I really can’t think of one negative besides pollen, which can be irritating to those with allergies, but even pollen is necessary for the fertilization of the beautiful plants 🌺🌷

I’ve been thinking lately about all the behind-the-scenes things that goes into successful lovemaking (ie when both parties feel heard and satiated.)

There’s so much to it: grooming, showering and moisturizing, not to mention getting mentally ready. I personally like to have a little quiet time to connect with myself, because I can’t feel happy with someone else unless I feel happy with myself first.

Despite requiring a little time and effort, setting yourself up for a positive sexual experience is very simple.

Sex is not rocket science – it’s literally one of the most primal things known to man.

But people sometimes either Over think their sex habits, or they devalue them. Each of these is damaging to the possibility of experiencing an energizing and dynamic sexual encounter.

If you’re an over-thinker, you may find yourself disassociating during intercourse or feeling “checked out” or even like you’re watching yourself in a movie. It can be a weird and upsetting experience, especially when all you want to do is please the other person and yourself.

If you devalue a successful roll in the hay, you may fail to clean yourself up down there or fail to look your best. This can betray you by setting yourself up for being seen as a scared individual who isn’t willing to try. It can get depressing to live this way, because all you want is someone to see past the troubled exterior and notice the real you.

What then can I say to the Over thinker or to the person who devalues their sex life?

I’ll say it again, if I’ve said once: the birds in the trees do it, cats do it and dogs do it. Even the little bees do it! Animals don’t have big brains like ours, but we actually can learn from our animal friends.

We can learn the simple things, such as how even the animals like to look attractive for their mates – they know they can feel attractive by simply looking their best and letting their best colors show.

We can also learn that the animals naturally sense what they want sexually and they go for it without shame, blame, or derogatory sensations. They don’t need to think about it because somehow that animal instinct leads the way.

A great part of being a human is discovering and experiencing our true natures here on earth during our lifetime. My wish for this season is that we can feel at ease and confident to be present in the moment, and doing the best that we can do on that given date. Happy birds and the bees to all who read this!



Just chillin’

One thought on “Sex & Springtime in the City

  1. Wow!! Good morning beautiful!! You are such a gorgeous soul… your words inspire me!! Your stunning pictures arouse me!! The feeling that you are here with me… even if have never met YET… I feel your name is Patrick and I’m 100% Italian!! I’m a chef. A lover. A human. An animal…I’m responding to your sweet words of spring!! I love you!! Xoxoxoxo


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